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"Hello Vancouverites! 


My name is Laura and I'm an artist who believes that every face holds a story, and every perspective contributes to the vibrant fabric of Vancouver. As a British immigrant, I've been on a journey of discovery since I arrived in this city, and I'm excited to announce that this idea invites you to join me, on this artistic adventure that celebrates the heart and soul of the Vancouver community. They say write about what you know - so I hope that translates into paint as I embark on this new project. 


In the wake of tumultuous times, fuelled by social media, I found myself yearning for something fundamental – human connection. It was during these challenging times that many of us began to feel a growing sense of division amongst people, a sense that we were being pulled apart by our differences rather than coming together in understanding.


The impacts of these events were not just political but deeply social and emotional as well. It felt like we were losing the ability to engage in meaningful conversations with those who held differing views. The very essence of what it means to be human, the capacity to connect and communicate, felt at risk.


'POV’ or ‘People of Vancouver' is my passion project. The initial idea was born out of a desire for human connection after I moved away from family and friends—a reason to engage with the charismatic barista, ask about where you got your nails done, or simply stop to pet your dog. However, it has evolved into capturing the essence of this city. It has granted me the privilege of people’s time and exposed me to individuals with differing journeys to my own. Yet our discussions consistently uncover similarities whilst simultaneously enriching my perspectives with our differences. Above all, it reaffirms my belief in the power of human connection and instils hope that we can unite and recognize ourselves as part of the same human family.


So- I'd love to connect with you! I’m looking for sitters to create portraits that reflect the unique perspectives that make this city a treasure trove of stories. Join me in celebrating diversity, harmony, the beauty and the normalcy of everyday experiences.


Apply now to be a part of 'POV: People of Vancouver,' - let me colour your story!”

POV Application

Thanks for applying - we will be in touch!

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